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Equality League is comprised of leaders from sport, human rights, and the media supporting campaigns to advance 1) access to sport; 2) equality in pay and prize money, representation on governing boards, and in the media; and 3) safety from sexual abuse in sport. Our current campaigns includes #NoBan4Women supporting Iranian women to enter stadiums as spectators of men’s football matches; Equal Pay and Opportunities for the USWNT and women in football worldwide; and research for reporting mechanisms against sexual abuse in sport.

Together we support a global network of Athlete Advocates committed to advancing gender equality through our adult and youth Equality League Councils. Council members have access to communications and advocacy training, human rights briefings, and personal coaching from experts in the media and human rights.

In addition to its councils, Equality League also partners on campaigns and research to advance equal access and safety in sport and honors courageous advocates through the Equality League Awards.

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Equality League was founded by leaders in human rights, sports, and the media from Human Rights Watch, UN Women, World Players Association, NYU Tisch Institute of Global Sports, Athlete Ally, Women Win, Wrestle Like a Girl, Edelman, and Champion Women.

Today the league is a diverse and inter-generational alliance of athlete advocates, committed to using their power and influence to advance equal access and safety in sport for women and girls worldwide.

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Mara Gubuan


Described by the Equality League team as fearless, Mara’s early work in sport and human rights included organizing a group of Muslim women athletes on a bike ride across the midwestern U.S. in support of sport as a human right. She believes athletes have influential voices in the movements to end gender inequality and child sexual abuse.  

After developing a campaign and network that contributed to the repeal of an international basketball rule preventing hijab-wearing Muslim women from playing, Mara invited many of the experts to form the Equality League. Adopting the winning strategy from the hijab ban, Equality League has grown into an influential community of human rights, sports, and media influencers whose combined power has resulted in successful advocacy.

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WATCH FIBA Allow Hijab to learn more about the ban.